Burnout To Recovery Journey

Regain Physical Energy, Reclaim Emotional Balance, & Enjoy a Fulfilling Professional Life


Roksana is a Transformational Career Coach and a Burnout Survivor.


She has been through it all – from collapsing due to stress in her early career through clinical depression all the way up to reclaiming herself and working in a leadership position directly responsible for 30+ people.

During her recovery journey, she discovered that there is a clear path of healing from burnout to a flourishing professional life.

I help professionals who are feeling burnt out due to work overload and not being able to identify with their existing roles & responsibilities to reenergize their bodies, reclaim their mental health and redesign their careers in a way that allows them to thrive in their professional lives.

The program I’ve built is designed to revitalize your mind and body, increase your stress resilience, and reconnect you with your true passion and life purpose necessary to rise from burnout and create a joyful, meaningful, and impactful professional life.   

Let me help you make this healing journey one of self-growth and fulfillment.


Let’s see you rise up!

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Program Overview

Don't Let Burnout Break You

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