Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.

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Facing burnout

„You’ll never be able to have such life again” – these words sounded like a death sentence to me.

Ever since I remember, I was expected to be perfect. I was convinced that being loved and accepted depended on my performance. So, perform I did. Right after graduation, I went abroad and pursued an exhilarating career in the corporate world.

Life felt intoxicating. Little did I know how big of a price I was about to pay. Stepping over my own boundaries, taking up more and more responsibilities, and pushing myself beyond the point of mental and physical exhaustion were secretly dragging me down. 

Before I could see it, it was already too late.

The life I knew fell apart and the career I validated myself through was gone. Burnout wasn't gentle. It didn’t ask for permission - piece by piece, it took everything there was to take.


I was a shadow of myself. Empty. Physically and mentally shut down. I believed I was broken beyond repair and was forced to move back home into the room where I grew up as a child...

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.



Reclaiming my life

Reclaiming my life wasn’t easy and none of it happened overnight but at last, I found myself standing back up, moving abroad again, fighting for the life I was supposedly never to have again.

Step by step, I re-energized my body, cleared my mind, and not only re-entered professional life but
rose above all limitations and worked in a leadership position directly responsible for 30+ people!


But after a couple of years, life was preparing me for a bigger plan one more time. I was looking for a new challenge and started feeling worn out and empty again. I was back to the drawing board, re-thinking and wondering what went wrong. Why now, after so much time, was the dis-connection from what I was doing?

​I had to take a deep and honest look at my life again and realign with who I really was. I had to remind myself that it is human to fall time and again, but the most important thing is to - GET UP.

I felt that my true purpose and alignment in life was in supporting people scarred by burnout who are fighting to get their health and professional lives back. I created a program - a recovery blueprint - for those on their journeys from burnout toward finding their lost sense of self, purpose, and fulfillment in professional life.

Whatever darkness you are facing right now, it's not true your life is over – you can go through this – your best life is yet to come!
Let me show you the path!


A Burnout To Recovery Journey

Regain Physical Energy, Reclaim Emotional Balance, & Enjoy a Fulfilling Professional Life